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Augusta Dumpster Rental Experts

Welcome to Augusta Dumpster Pros, the experts in waste management in Augusta, Georgia. If you’ve got waste disposal issues we are there to help. That covers a huge range of activities from decluttering an attic or clearing out a yard to a construction project that needs a full roof tear off or a concrete yard dug up.

Whatever it is we have the roll off dumpster fleet that will make all your problems go away.

About Us

You’ve seen dumpsters at work every day of your life. Little wheelie dumpsters that pop up outside restaurants and takeaways to handle the discarded wrappers and food.

Bigger dumpsters with side access doors that do their duty when a shop or business is clearing out everything from unwanted furniture to the general accumulated debris of business life. Huge dumpsters being filled with cranes at building projects. Those dumpsters? That’s what we do.

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    Our Services

    blur dumpster, recycle waste and garbage bins near new construction of apartment houses building
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    dustbins being full with garbage, garbage bins in city community. green garbage bins in town.

    Sooner or later every home and every business gets to the point where there’s just too much stuff around the place and a lot of it has long outlived the purpose it served back when it was wanted. Sure you can sneak little bits into the residential bins. Or you can load up your car trunk and try to drive it to the tip. But if you’ve got a lot of waste to dispose of you quickly start to realise that even renting a truck involves a lot of hassle, it involves you doing the driving, and it involves you doing the rounds of the different waste disposal points and recycling complexes that we are all now rightly required to use depending on the type of waste being disposed of. So the service we provide is to make your life simple. Only we do it by delivering, renting, then collecting and hauling dumpsters. May not sound like the sort of stuff they write about in magazines as ‘life improvement’ but it is, it so is.

    Residential Dumpster Rental
    Commercial Business Dumpster Rental
    Construction Site Dumpsters

    Residential Dumpster Rental

    Got a big spring clean planned? Clearing out a basement and getting rid of all that yard waste while you’re at it? How about a newly remodeled kitchen? All of these things mean that there will be waste that has to be got rid of before the project is done and waste means a great big pile of ugly plus a lot of back and forth getting rid of it all. Unless you call us. We take care of your residential waste by delivering the right size of dumpster that will be able to fit on your property without access issues for our delivery truck or for your neighbors. We can leave it there with you while you fill it, and  then we turn up and you just wave your waste goodbye.


    Commercial Business Dumpster Rental

    If you’ve got long term dumpster needs for your business, such as high turnover on products which are immediately unwrapped, then get in touch and we can talk about long term rental. If you’ve got a project which means you’re expanding, or remodelling, or getting rid of the last business’ furniture, or drywall, or decor, then get in touch and we’ll work out what is the most cost effective size of dumpster to deliver to your door to solve your problems. We are experts in dumpsters so we can advise you on everything from whether you need a permit to the best time to arrange delivery and collection so as not to interfere with your own business hours or the activities of your neighbors.


    Construction Site Dumpsters

    When it comes to the big stuff we have the heavy duty dumpsters you need to get the job done. From hauling concrete (ask about our concrete ‘clean’ dumpsters) to asphalt, brick, and rock. We know and comply with the local codes when it comes to construction so our services are a clear way of demonstrating the fulfilment of your business obligations when it comes to waste disposal and recycling.

    dumpsters used for recycling
    waste left next to trash dumpster on the street
    a metal commercial dumpster

    Dumpster/Container Options
    Estimates and Costs
    Permits and Codes

    Dumpster/Container Options

    There’s no such thing as one size suits all when it comes to dumpsters and we have roll off dumpsters available in all sizes from ten cubic yards to forty which means we cover all the bases and have the capacity for heavy loads. Need something smaller? Maybe a front loader for a small business or one off event? Give us a call and see what we can do.


    Estimates and Costs

    You don’t want to waste money getting shot of your waste and we like to build a community of customers that keep coming back so let’s work together to find the right price. A lot of that is deciding what size of dumpster will fit the premises, the time slot, and the most efficient number of loads. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the job, two small loads will be more cost effective with less downtime than a single big one that has to be filled before it can be hauled. Talk to us about working together to fix on the best price.


    Permits and Codes

    Not sure if you need a permit to park a dumpster? Unclear about how local codes affect access and delivery times? Let our experience come to your aid in making sure the whole process is trouble free.

    green empty trash dumpster outside
    removal of debris construction waste building demolition with rock and concrete rubble on portable bio toilet cabins at the construction site with roll off dumpsters
    a container with overflowing trash

    Contact Us Today

    Got waste you want shot of? Then get in touch and let our dumpster expertise save you time and money, clearing your space so you can get on with your life and your business. Call us now or if you still have a question then fire off an email and we’ll get back to you with the answers.

    “Great job. Our attic clear out just started to pile up as it was joined by old appliances and yard waste. A single dumpster delivered by Augusta Dumpster Pros, a day of filling it, and the whole lot was gone. - Benson T.

    “Highly recommended. Augusta Dumpster Pros helped us understand what size dumpster, delivered it bang on time, and hauled it the minute it was ready to go.” - Tiffany D.

    “Augusta Dumpster Pros have been our go-to for a number of home remodeling projects we’ve been contracted to do and we’ve never had a problem. They do exactly what they say they do, when they say they’ll do it.” -  Saul D.