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Construction Site Dumpsters

removal of debris construction waste building demolition with rock and concrete rubble on portable bio toilet cabins at the construction site with roll off dumpsters

Our roll off dumpsters are perfect for construction sites and tough enough to handle anything you can throw at them including old concrete, bricks, and rocks pulled out of the ground as part of a clearance project. No matter what it is you are planning to build we can help remove all of the old materials that are now surplus to requirements. As with any of our dumpster rentals it is a good idea to talk through just what it is you want to do so we can make sure that you get exactly the right dumpster for the job and from there on in you take care of filling it and we will take care of the rest.


Size No Issue

We stock a range of different dumpster sizes to suit all needs and different strengths to handle anything from commercial restaurant waste to full on construction debris. We’ve also got years of experience in guessing just how many cubic yards of waste you’re going to have to shift. Which means a simple call to us will result in an accurate quote of what you need to get the job done, how long you need to rent that dumpster for, and what it will cost you to have it hauled.


Types of Waste you can Dump

Short of hazardous materials (see below) there isn’t a lot you can’t get in a full size construction dumpster. Dirt dumpsters handle yard dirt, rubble, soil and general debris, while a construction dumpster will handle clean concrete, brick, or asphalt that is being taken to a site for building. General clear up junk or roof tear offs are a specialty, used and broken bricks pose no problem, rocks and torn up concrete are easily hauled. With the exception of prohibited or hazardous materials it’s pretty much a case of whatever you can fit in the dumpster can go.


Types of Waste you can’t Dump

There are limits on what can go into a dumpster, even a commercial one specifically designed for construction projects and please remember that we don’t create those rules - they are set by the municipality and national laws about the disposal of hazardous waste. So if your project is going to involve an asbestos roof tear down or the disposal of quantities of paints, glues, solvents, or heavy metals then let us know.  We’ll help you find a way to do that safely and in line with local codes - because we can’t just haul them away in a dumpster.



Costs vary depending on a number of factors. For a start there’s the rental period; the amount of time that you need that dumpster to be on your project property while you fill it up. Then there’s the size of the dumpster itself - allow us to advise you on that because while it may seem like a great idea to go for the biggest we’ve got you may be surprised how much they hold. There’s no point paying for what you don’t need. Finally there’s the weight of the material to be hauled.

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