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Dumpster Rental Augusta Reduce Waste

Doing a home improvement is a great way to give your house an affordable and well-deserved upgrade. But, before you get started it is important to consider how much construction waste you will be created by doing the project and call Dumpster Rental Augusta.

What Is Construction Waste?

Construction waste refers to anything that can’t be used in your home improvement project or anything that isn’t recycled afterward. This could include metal scraps, broken tiles, old flooring, carpeting, and more. If not disposed of properly this waste can take up space in local landfills – contributing to the world’s pollution problem.

How To Reduce Construction Waste

There are ways homeowners can reduce construction waste while doing a home improvement project that does not require hiring professionals or expensive new tools. Just follow these simple steps.

Remove Old Materials

Take out anything that is useless to your home improvements project, like old tiles or flooring. While it may be difficult to remove some materials yourself, try not to leave them in the way of construction workers who would throw them away anyway.

Recycle What You Can At Your Local Recycling Center

There are many types of recycling centers throughout neighborhoods offering convenient drop-off locations for homeowners looking to keep their construction waste down. If you’re looking for more ways on how to reduce construction waste while doing a home improvement, check out our team here at Dumpster Rental Augusta. When hiring a contractor look into if they have a recycling program. Many have special trucks that can pick up materials for recycling.

Make Sure You’re Accurate When Ordering Materials

Be sure to order enough material for your home improvement project, but not too much. Because if you ordered any extra material it will eventually end up in the landfill.

Don’t Forget About Construction Waste Reduction Methods While Doing Smaller Projects

It is important to reduce construction waste while doing smaller projects like installing new appliances or putting in new flooring. Don’t forget these small updates when planning out your bigger projects because they all add up and contribute to excess trash! Check out our team at Dumpster Rental Augusta on how you can reduce construction waste in these smaller projects.