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Dumpster Rental Keeping Dumpsters Clean

A dumpster is an enclosed container that is used for the temporary storage of trash and garbage at a construction site, home, business, or other public places. A dumpster rental company delivers the dumpsters to your location and picks it up after it has been filled. When you rent a dumpster from a reputable company they will supply you with all the necessary equipment such as:


  • A roll of heavy-duty plastic bags for easier cleaning
  • A broom and dustpan so you can sweep debris into one spot
  • Hefty rubber gloves to keep your hands clean
  • Two pairs of sturdy work boots when climbing into the dumpster


If this sounds like too much trouble consider renting a front-end loader which will make quick work out of dumping large amounts of material. Be sure to cover the load with a tarp so you don’t send up any dust or odor before dumping it.

Don’t be tempted to throw anything in that doesn’t belong which could result in fines and charges from your dumpster rental company, city officials, and or local law enforcement. The following list highlights some of the items that should never go into a dumpster:


  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Toxic chemicals or liquids
  • Medical waste such as used bandages, syringes, medical gloves, and other materials associated with healthcare facilities
  • Hazardous construction materials such as chemicals, paint cans, solvents, and oils (if rented by a contractor)
  • Household hazardous waste such as aerosol cans, paint, varnish, and stain
  • Flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, propane, or turpentine
  • Pressurized cylinders such as aerosol cans


Recyclables that are not sorted into the correct containers include paper products (cardboard is okay), plastics, glass, and metals. This includes anything that has been painted or contains hazardous chemicals. If you’re unsure of what can be disposed of in a dumpster see our article titled “A Dumpster Rental Guide to Placing Debris in Your Dumpster” for more information.

Make sure your dumpster rental company gives you clear instructions on how to load the container correctly. An unsecured load can result in fines and damage to the container. You will be billed for any repairs needed to your dumpster which is why some companies require tarping the load even if tarping was not included with your rental (tarping is mandatory if you are dumping hazardous materials).Dumpster Rental Augusta GA

When loading the dumpster rental make sure you avoid overloading it, this includes adding too much weight or causing it to drop heavily on uneven ground. If you’re unsure of how much material should go into a dumpster contact your local dumpster rental company for instructions (this may vary depending on your location). You should also never drive on unpaved surfaces while transporting a loaded dumpster as this could damage the bottom of the container.

Once you have filled your dumpster with the right amount of debris and have covered it securely wait for your chosen service team to pick it up. Make sure you check that all doors and latches are secured before they leave. Also, never overload the service vehicle as this could cause damage to it or injuries to those who load and unload the container from the truck.

In most cases, a dumpster will only need to be cleaned once every few days but depending on how dirty it got after loading you may need to give it a quick sweep with a broom and some disinfecting cleaner before placing it back in storage. If possible try avoiding areas where pets frequent as they can track dirt right into your rental unit. Some items such as medical waste can only be disposed of at specific facilities which are not located in all areas. Always check with your local dumpster rental company for more information about what can and cannot be removed from a dumpster before placing any debris inside.