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Residential Dumpster Rental

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Sure you can use your own SUV to haul that garbage to the dump, or those bags of rubble but you’re going to find there are problems. For a start even it means having an SUV or truck and if you don’t have one then you’re going to rent a vehicle just for a working job and that is a world of problems. Even if you have a truck you will quickly fill it if you’re taking on a large job and worse, if it is your beloved SUV you will find that heavy duty garbage like rubble and larger items have a knack of denting and scratching your vehicle. You sure you want that? We’re guessing you wouldn’t be on this website if you hadn’t already worked out that no matter how tough the TV adverts tell you their trucks are, they are nothing compared to the tank like toughness of a dumpster. If you’re working in a hurry, or other people are doing the work on your property then really a dumpster is the only way to go.


Why a Roll Off Dumpster?

That rectangular metal box with an open top and a convenient side door for easy access? That's the kind of roll off dumpster we usually recommend for residential rentals. There are other types for certain commercial rentals but we’ll deal with those separately. Dumpsters have wheels to help push them into position but they are transported on the back of a flatbed truck that tilts up to slide them off when they get where they need to go. Chains or cables ensure that the dumpster is positioned exactly adn without damaging the paving (yes, they’re that solid).


Roll Off vs Front Loader Dumpsters

Roll off dumpsters are different from the front loaders you might sometimes see outside restaurants. The front loaders have lids and are mostly used for food waste and packaging, they do a great job for that but they have limitations. Roll off dumpsters are open topped with a side door but where front loaders are limited when it comes to heavy items, the roll offs just swallow up whatever you’ve got.


What Can I Put In?

We get asked this a lot and the simple answer is that it’s faster to say what you can’t put in a Roll off dumpster.  Hazardous materials like batteries and aggressive chemicals, medical waste, car tyres, or glues and solvents are no nos. Just about everything else including old washing machines, bricks, rocks, earth, and all the heavy stuff will be swallowed up happily.


How Does it Work?

Simple, you call, we talk about the size you need, we check there’s access and we deliver your dumpster when and where you want it. You rent it for the time needed to finish the job then the truck comes back, hauls it up up and away, and takes it and all that waste to the right place for disposal. Sounds simple because it is.

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