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Dumpster/Container Options

a metal commercial dumpster

Here at Augusta Dumpster Pros we know that every customer has subtly different needs and we cater for that with a range of different dumpsters and containers for every situation. Different types of waste require different solutions - whether it is ‘clean’ dirt (sounds crazy but it means soil ready for repurposing), concrete, commercial waste, or a yard or attic clear out we have different types of dumpsters to take of each need.



Dumpsters come in a wide range of sizes, each measured in cubic yards so standard sizes include ten yard, fifteen yard, twenty yard, thirty yard, and forty yard. Remember that’s a cubic measurement of volume, not a length. In fact a ten yard dumpster is typically seven or eight foot by fourteen or fifteen foot which will handle up to four thousand pounds of waste. The monster that is a forty yard dumpster will measure seven and a half by twenty two foot and when filled can be up to 12,000 pounds in load - that’s over five and a quarter tons.



Of course simply quoting volumes and weights doesn’t mean that much to most people who are looking at a whole load of stuff they need to move. Sure if you’re in construction you probably have an idea of just what a certain volume of bricks or concrete means to you, but if you happen to have a couple of king size beds, a bunch of old furniture, and some old roofing then you probably have no idea either in terms of weight or space. So roughly speaking the load size means that a ten yard can hold something along the lines of ten to fifteen double base cabinets or three king size beds.  A forty yard dumpster would handle fifty of those cabinets and a dozen king size beds.



You may hear of dumpsters being described as ‘clean’ or ‘concrete clean’ and that’s a common phrase in construction to mean that the dumpster is suitable for the loads and pressures of building materials but is clean enough not to contaminate concrete which is being reused or recycled. The type of material going into the dumpster may affect your choice of container size so be sure to talk to us about exactly what is going into the big bin. The other issue is the access point. Large load dumpsters for construction and heavy work are usually open topped and accessed that way. Smaller dumpsters often have a convenient side door and the little ones used daily by businesses have a front loader configuration. Again be sure to talk to us about what you need when you order.



Of course it can be hard working out just how many tons/king size bed loads you’ve got to move so we offer an estimate service where we can come round and guess how many dumpsters or dumpster loads it will take to get the job done. In some cases we can also tell from your measurements or even photos you take of the work scene so get in touch and let’s talk about just what it is you need.

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