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waste left next to trash dumpster on the street

Augusta Dumpster Pros are recognized as the dumpster rental experts and waste disposal professionals of the Augusta-Richmond region. Across the county we are proud to have happy customers for the simple reason that we do what we do well and that means thinking about the customer first. We don’t just dump a dumpster on your land. We talk to you about what it is you need to get rid of and what size of dumpster will do that best. We talk about access and the time on the property (or public space), we advise on any permits that may be needed or local codes that have to be respected. We talk timing to ensure that you don’t pay for a single hour’s rental that you don’t really need, and we ensure that when it’s time for us to collect and haul that we have that dumpster out of your life exactly when you need it gone.


We do that for all our customers, whether they are residential customers looking to clean up attics, basements and yards, or commercial businesses looking for long term contracts on dumpsters for their business waste. We do it for construction contractors who need seriously heavy duty dumpsters and we can do all that because we have a huge range of options for dumpsters/containers. Call us and we’ll give you an estimate on costs and any permits or local code compliance issues.


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